Friday, February 13, 2009

Isn't She a Little Too Young?

It seems my daughter is sweet on a little boy in her preschool class. And it appears the feeling is mutual. For several months now, when I would spy Emily on the playground before time to pick her up, she would be holding hands with a little boy. At first I thought it was our neighbor, who is also in her class. But it was a different little boy, I'll call him "B."

"B"'s mom and I have talked before about this budding romance. Well, this week it really seemed to go to the next level, perhaps because Valentine's Day is approaching?? Anyway, "B"'s mom told me yesterday that he has asked him mom nearly every day for a month if Emily could come over to his house to play. And yesterday at their class Valentine party, he asked his mom if Emily could sleepover at his house! Their teacher told me she heard him ask this, too. His mom explained that only boys sleep over at boys' houses, girls at girls' houses, etc. Hopefully he will be satisfied with just play time with Em.

Last night, Emily got a call on her "phone" from "B"'s mom saying he was coming over to play. So pretend "B" came to our house to play and even had supper with us (I set out a place for him and everything).

I think it's sweet that she has a "boyfriend" and that he is equally smitten with her. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't be!! :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some New Photos

In my last post I mentioned I hadn't taken any photos of the kids since probably Christmas. The last few days we had unseasonably warm temperatures so of course we took advantage of it by playing outside.

No, Daddy did not bend the top of the swing set. It's the result of last year's tree limb falling on top during the ice storm.

Benjamin looking like such a big boy.

Hey, who needs a fancy basketball hoop when you have an empty cat litter bucket and a ball!!
The last week or so Emily has been asking to clean the house. What!?!?! Far be it from me to deny her this pleasure. What she really wants to do is squirt the glass cleaner. So I gave her the bottle and several towels (she sprays the cleaner pretty generously) and showed her what she could clean with it (no wood). Of course, she gets a few coins for helping out so that's a big incentive. Brother was curious about this activity so I gave him a dry cloth to join in the fun. Here's a photo of them each on one side of the hall door. Do you think they will continue their excitement about cleaning for the next 15 years or so??

Daddy worked on some home projects this past weekend (one of them trying to de-squeak a very old, squeaky wood floor). He had two very eager helpers! Doesn't everyone wear high heels when working about the house? Ha!
Daddy getting hit on the back with the tape measure.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome February!

Boy, I am glad to see January gone. It was a rough month at our house. First, Jeff finally got a diagnosis for his several months of nausea. He had H. Pylori, a nasty bacteria that lives in the lining of the stomach. He took two different antibiotics for the course of two weeks. Thankfully he has felt well for over two weeks now. Looks like the antibiotics worked!

Three weeks ago Emily threw up and later that day told me her throat hurt. Uh-oh. I looked and sure enough it was red with white bumps. So off to the doctor we went and were diagnosed with strep throat.

Two weeks later (which was last week), Benjamin woke us in the night making horrible breathing sounds and acting like he was gasping for air. After a rough night of trying to make him comfortable, I took him in to the pediatrician the next morning. After getting blood drawn and chest x-rays (NOT a fun experience with a 16 month old who did not feel well), he was diagnosed with a severe case of croup so the doctor admitted him to the hospital. We were there from Wednesday morning to Thursday evening. He was made more comfortable with breathing treatments and steroid shots.

During a visit to see her brother Wednesday afternoon, Emily started throwing up in his hospital room. UGH! ENOUGH ALREADY! She frequently complains of her tummy hurting. So last Friday, the day after getting home from the hospital with Benjamin, I took her to the doctor where she had to get blood drawn to check blood counts and also check for H. Pylori (it's contagious). Luckily all her blood work checked out just fine. But she is now on a prescription antacid for a month when the doctor wants to see her again. I think she just might be the kind of personality who carries her stress in her stomach. Lastly and unfortunately, I came home from the hospital with a head cold which I generously shared with my husband.

That was our January...

So, I'm really hoping things will start to look up for us. We have been so sick this winter for some reason and the medical bills are starting to stack up (Benji's hospitalization, my trip to the ER in Dec. and Jeff's procedure in July in addition to the other office visits).

Okay, I'm done whining. But we could sure use some prayers here for better health.

On a positive note, I am excited to be starting a candle business to help make ends meet. I will be selling candles from Southwest Candles and hope to start doing some home parties soon. I'm hoping it goes well! I'm just waiting on my shipment of samples and then I'll get started. I'm also going to be teaching a graduate level Counseling class for my former full time employer starting in March. The one night a week, six week long class, is a fun one for me.

Unfortunately, I haven't taken any photos of the kids since the first of the year so none to share this post. Hopefully next time! Until then...Happy Valentine's Day!