Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life Changes

Well, we have certainly had lots of life changes in the two years Emily has been home with us. The latest is the arrival of her baby brother. Benjamin Patrick Adams was born September 27 at 1:53pm. He was 4-5 weeks early so we weren't quite expecting him so soon, but are glad that he is here. Matter of fact, he was born just a few days after my last post and less than a week after our childbirth class and our baby shower. Talk about timing! Whew!

Being a big sister certainly has its ups and downs. First, for a girl who was used to be the only to being one of two, it has taken some time to get used to the idea that Mom and Dad can't always respond immediately to her wants and wishes now. Add that to the fact that we are now three years old, and there have definitely been some behavior issues. However, she is very loving toward her baby brother and has been interested in all things baby related from the start. Mommy struggles to make time for just Emily some days as Daddy's work schedule requires some long hours. But we do our best. In the meantime, here are a few other things, besides getting a new brother, that have happened since our last post:

*Lots of time with Aunt BB, who was a HUGE help with Emily while we were in the hospital with Benjamin. Emily attended her cousin's football game where she apparently shouted, "Run, People!"

*A birthday: Emily turned three on November 8th. We celebrated quietly that day since Daddy had to work late that night. We did take her lunch at Applebees for her birthday and we opened presents. Some of her favorite presents were (and please don't laugh--she really does love these) flashlights and a disposable camera. Then we had a birthday party for her on the 10th with some family and friends. We had pizza and really groovy Dora cake! Her favorite presents that day were her new kitchen from Mommy and Daddy and some bath gels and lotions from her friends from church.

*Our Family Day. Our Family Day is the anniversary of the day Emily and I first met each other and became a family. This year unfortunately went uncelebrated as Mommy was sick in bed with an infection.

Now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Emily is sure to tell me when she sees a toy commercial that, "I want that, Mom." It makes no difference what kind of toy it is, she says she wants it. She continues to have a fiery personality and is talking up an absolute storm. Some of my favorite phrases of hers include, "Relax, Mom," "I'm relaxing" and "I'm getting situated." Sometimes she will say things and I will have no idea where she has come up with the word. So, she's great in verbal skills. Now if we could only get the potty training thing! One major change at a time, I suppose. We're trying not to push it.

Yesterday we had a lovely morning so we went outside to blow bubbles and ride her bike. But her attention quickly switched to all the leaves on the ground. So I got the rake, made a big pile and she had a great time running and jumping into it and also liked laying down in it and wanted to be completely covered up. So these are some photos of her playing in the leaves as well as some photos of she and her brother together.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels if you are on the road, plane or rail!