Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Little Helper

One thing I learned in dog obedience training is that dogs have a strong need to please and also need to have a job or purpose to help them be happy. I think two year olds aren't much different. The last month or two have brought about an extra set of hands whenever I go about daily household chores. Emily literally drops what she is doing and comes running if she hears water being run in the kitchen sink and yells, "Dishes!" We are one of the few families left on earth without a dishwasher so yes, we do it the old fashioned way--with our hands. Mommy washes, Emily rinses and Daddy dries. While some of you might be feeling sorry for us for not having all the modern kitchen conveniences, we like this time; it is time we are all together as a family, working a task to completion and simply put--enjoying each other's company. Emily also is a big helper when it comes to doing laundry. She helps Mommy sort clothes, helps pick them up out of the basket so I can put them in the washer and when it's all done, she likes to fold and put away. In addition to Emily learning lots at the age, I think I am learning more. Gone are the days of trying to get things done quickly and most efficiently. I am happily learning to move at a slower pace, to practice my patience and enjoy the little things. Do I have to refold laundry after Emily helps? Yes. Does she put clothes in drawers differently than I might? Oh yes! But I know one day she will think helping Mom and Dad with household chores is a big drag. But right now, she takes pride in the "jobs" she volunteers to do around the house. And after all these years of doing these tasks by myself, I am happy to have a little shadow. :o)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Dr. Tomlinson, paging Dr. the ER stat!

Tonight we opened a little doctor's kit for Emily to play with. She actually got it for her birthday back in November but because of all the toys we have, we have kept a few things back and have been able to spread them out over a period of a few months. As I sit here writing this, Emily is in the other room operating on Daddy. Daddy is being a great sport and playing along. I realize it's a new toy to her but she is really enjoying playing "doctor." I suppose I should warn the dog and cats to look out...she will likely be looking for more patients. :-)

Maybe our little Emily will one day grow up to be a doctor, either to people or to animals. Maybe she'll be a pianist. Or a professional soccer player. Or perhaps an engineer or a botanist. Or maybe a teacher. Jeff and I have big dreams for our little girl. But whatever it is she chooses to do for a living, we most of all hope she grows up to become a compassionate, generous, loving, nonjudgmental and kind human being.