Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Glasses and a New Pet!

Well, we picked up Emily's new glasses last week. For the first few days, it was a little difficult getting her to keep them on. But now she keeps them on all day. She did have to take them off for gymnastics tonight and afterward she told me she didn't like taking them off! Yeah! Hopefully she is getting used to them.

Also, we have a new "pet." We've been playing a lot over the last week with our neighbor who is a six year old little boy who likes bugs. Apparently he keeps a "bug jar" in his house to store his finds. He first gave Emily a roly-poly but let's just say Emily set him free somewhere in our basement. So the next day, he gave her a pretty caterpillar. That was on Sunday. It is now Tuesday night and it's still alive! We are feeding it the same leaves that it was on when we found it and boy, can it eat. It has affectionately been named "Patsy" and Emily says it's her best friend. Patsy lives in a jelly jar and seems to be doing well. We are hoping she will make a cocoon and turn into a butterfly. We have no idea what kind of butterfly it will be but right now she's a really pretty black, white and yellow striped caterpillar. Here are some photos of Patsy and Emily (and the new glasses).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Few Really Big Milestones

Emily has officially, FINALLY, given up her binky (aka pacifier). I'm a little ashamed to admit that my nearly 4 year old still used one when she slept. But it was like it was a part of her. She came to me with the clothes on her back and pacifier around her neck and that was it. So I felt like the binky was the one thing that helped comfort her during that difficult transition in her little life. However, over the last few months she voluntarily gave away or threw away a few of her binkies (yes, she had a collection that she carried in an eyeglasses case). But she did this knowing she always had one more safe in her room. Well, Labor Day weekend binky went missing. I mean truly missing, not that Mommy or Daddy quietly slipped in her room and took it. So she had a few sort of rough nights without it. Then about a week later I was putting her to bed and glanced in the corner and saw binky staring out at me from under some of her stuffed animals! Emily had made such great progress up to that point, I REALLY hoped she didn't spot it. She didn't and after she fell asleep, Mommy (aka Binky Fairy) came and quietly took it away. There has been no mention of binky since those first few nights without it. For that, I am grateful!

Second big baby girl is getting glasses. She had an eye appointment yesterday and it was discovered that she can't see all that well. Who knew??? So, we will go Friday to pick them up and have them fitted. And yes, there will definitely be photos. Daddy took her to the appointment and was there when she picked them out. All I know is that they are "purply-pink"--Daddy's words--and Emily calls them Barbie glasses although I think they are Cinderella. So I'm not sure what to expect but as long as she likes them and WEARS THEM, I don't care.

More later...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a terrific Labor Day weekend last weekend. It was sort of a family reuinion as my family had not all been together for probably close to two years. It's sad, since we all live in the same state but we made it happen this weekend. My two older sisters and their families, my aunt and my dad and his wife all made the trip to our house. We cooked out, celebrated my dad's and aunt's birthdays, ate lots and visited. Emily enjoyed playing with her cousins and with my sister's step-granddaughter who is close to the same age. Of course, Benjamin just enjoyed the excitement and all the extra attention. I'm glad we were able to get lots of photos!
My sisters and me
All of us girls with our dad
Not all of the grandkids but most of them
Emily and BB's granddaughter, Carmella
Papa getting a physical before his workout shown below...
Emily instructing Papa on the fine art of doing the hula hoop!
Me and my baby boy.
The loves of my life!