Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Quick Post

I don't know where the time goes but it's been two months since my last post. What's been going on here, you ask?

This past month, Emily has started at her preschool again. She is attending two mornings a week and this is her second week. So far, so good. She LOVES school and her teachers and paras. I have volunteered to be the children's clothing closet coordinator for the PTO so I'll be busy with that. I also will be volunteering for other various activities during the year. Here are a few photos from the first day of school. And great news! Her best buddy/our neighbor is also attending and they are in the same group!

Two weeks ago, Emily also started gymnastics. She attends just once a week but so far, it has also been a hit. She loves it and our next door neighbor is her teacher so that's a plus. The class only lasts for another three or four weeks and at that point we'll re-evaluate whether she'd like to enroll again. She's always doing headstands and somersaults here at home (usually on the sofa) so hopefully class will provide her an outlet for all her energy. Here are a few photos. The first one is a little hard to make out due to the net around the trampoline. But that's Emily working on the bar. :-)

Lastly, Emily has started a class at church on Wednesday nights. The kids meet for supper and then have their class time. It's 90 minutes and last week was a little difficult for her but now that she knows what to expect hopefully she'll not cry this week when I leave.

I'm happy to say we're trying to keep big sister busy with a variety of activities. At the same time, Brother is also getting lots more active. At my last post, he still did not have any teeth. But a week after turning 9 months old, the first bottom tooth appeared and a week later, the second came through. We seem to have stalled now on teeth and still only have those two at nearly 11 months old. He is able to eat some very soft solids but still really prefers his smoother baby foods.

Benjamin is not yet walking but is pulling himself up all over the place. A few times he has even let go, only to fall on his bum a few seconds later. He jabbers a lot and I heard the most precious words from him last Monday--"Mama." He's only said it two or three times and usually it's when he is upset or tired and wants me. But it's still nice to hear. Of course he's been saying "Dada" for a few months now. He LOVES his Dada and squeals with delight and waves his arms wildly when he sees Dada coming home from work.

We've joined a new Mom's playgroup here in our community and have met a few new friends through that. Benjamin even had a friend over last Thursday for a few hours. She is just a few weeks younger than Benjamin but they are right about the same developmental level. They seemed to like having another little person crawling on the floor and playing with toys.

The kids has cousins, Haileigh and Eric, come visit for a week earlier this month. Emily and Benjamin both loved having the kids here to play, especially Emily who kept saying she was a big kid just like H and E. Mommy enjoyed having her niece and nephew here, too. Hopefully we can make this a summer tradition! That is, if the kids weren't too worn out after they left here! Here are a few photos from that week...

Mommy and Daddy are both doing well. I started teaching another Counseling class to a group about 45 minutes away from where we live. It's one night a week for 6 weeks so it's a short term stint but nice to get out of the house, dress like a professional again and make a little money at the same time.
Until next time....