Friday, January 26, 2007

Swingset Fun

These photos are from a few weeks ago. But one of Emily's favorite Christmas presents was a shiny, new swingset from her Papa (my dad). Due to weather we haven't had many opportunities to go out and play on it. But we've been able to play on it a few times. I know this spring and summer we'll be on it alot. :-) She's really been pretty brave when she swings high. Of course Mommy is a bit more conservative on how high she swings. Daddy is a bit more "fun." There has been a wipe out or two but surprisingly she just jumped up and wanted back on. She also wants Mommy to get on the swingset with her. She can't quite understand that the swingset would never be the same if Mommy got on with her. Having a swingset in my backyard brings back memories of the swingset I had in my backyard when I was little in Pennsylvania. I cannot imagine how many hours I must have clocked on that thing. I hope Emily will have similar fond memories when she's grown. Thank you again, Papa.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We Have Success!

No, not on the potty yet. I'm talking about success in getting Emily outside to play in the snow today. She was a little frustrated at having to walk in it since it's so deep. But then Daddy showed her how to make a snowball and throw it at Mommy. Then we decided to build a snowman. Jeff said he didn't know how to make one so I decided I would show this Kiwi how it's done. I grew up in Pennsylvania and we had our share of snow there. However, it has been a good thirty years or so since I've had an occasion to build one. Here are some photos of our play time outside today and of our snowman. I like to call him Snowman meets Elephant man. Not my best work but by then hands and feet were frozen and someone wanted to go inside. While we were outside, Emily told me, "Mommy, hot coffee." I think she was cold. No, we don't give her coffee. But Mom and Dad drink it every morning so she knows the difference between hot and cold. Anyway, after coming in and changing into warm, dry clothes we ate some lunch and Emily is now hopefully having sweet dreams about our snowman. Or would that be nightmares?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow, Snow and more Snow!!

This morning the snow started to fall. Now mind you, we still had plenty of ice on the ground from last weekend's storm. The forecast was for snow to start midday. By 8am which certainly is not MY midday, it started. It was a beautiful, wet snow. And it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. We don't usually get lots of snow here. Instead our winter weather usually comes in the form of ice. Anyway around 5pm or so, after Emily woke up from her nap, I decided it was time to get bundled up and go play outside. I decided to get myself dressed for snowy play first and then get Emily ready. Jeff was already outside shoveling. So after donning two pairs of socks, boots, long underwear, jeans, and three shirts I went to get Emily dressed. Best laid plans...she flat out refused to go outside. I tried coaxing her by telling her, "Look at Zack (our dog) outside playing in the snow! It looks like fun. Let's go!" After trying that a few times and enduring a crying fit, I gave up. How many kids do you know turn down an opportunity to play in the snow!?!? Anyway, we staying inside and played "shopping" instead. So much for Mommy showing Emily all about snow angels this afternoon. Maybe next time.

First Post!

And so begins my entry into the world of blogging! First, this site will be used to post updates and information about our darling daughter, Emily Rose JiaYing. And as for the blog address, aroundtheworldfamily, we truly are a global family (unfortunately that address was already taken). I am American, my husband is a Kiwi (from New Zealand) and our daughter is from China.

Ours is not a traditional story of boy meets girl, boy marries girl and they have children. I started the adoption process as single person, having known my husband for a few years at that time as a good friend. Emily was adopted in November 2005 and Jeff and I got married the following month. As two older, educated people we were feeling like fish out of water when it came to parenting a one year old at the time. But alas, we have learned as we've gone along and continue to do so. And we three are all better people for it!

Fast forward to January 2007. We now have a very active 26 month old who is a rather independent thinker when it comes to wanting things her way. Some of her favorite things are music, dancing and singing, being outside riding on the tractor when the weather is nice, feeding our dog and cats and drinking chocolate milk. She is small for her age but she doesn't let that stop her. She has recently learned how to carry her step stool all around the house which is kind of a scary thing for mom and dad! She is talking more and more although there are times when we still cannot understand what she's saying. But for someone who started her first year hearing nothing but Chinese, I'm not worried. Over the last month she has learned to count to 10 and is even going up into the teens, sings along with me to her favorite song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", is working on her ABC's and often says things that surprise me. The other day we walked out of the house and there was ice on the ground. I was holding her hand and she told me, "Slow down, Mommy!" right before she started to slide. I guess she knew what she was talking about. :)

I hope you enjoy this blog. I envy those who are able to keep theirs up regularly. I'm doing good to even look at the blogs so I don't know how I plan to keep this up. But I'll give it a try. I'm brand new at this and have no idea what I'm doing. But I do know how to type so I'll start out slow. Please feel free to leave comments and thank you for stopping in.