Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Snowstorm, etc...

It's been quite a while since I've posted. We are doing okay here. At least the illness seems to be slowly ridding itself from our house. The latest, most exciting news is an unusual spring snowstorm that started Friday and lasted through the morning Saturday. We received 18 inches of snow!! Emily and I spent some time outside playing in the snow. Benjamin didn't play as he would have been up to his neck (or worse) in the snow. When we did bring him out later in the afternoon after it had warmed up, he wanted nothing of it! Jeff and I both picked up a bit of snow in our hand to show it to him. He very emphatically shook his head no and leaned back as far as he could. Maybe next year he'll be interested in playing in it.

In our backyard Saturday morning

Em and I getting ready to play

Mommy showing Emily the fine art of snow angel making

Don't think we'll be getting out of our driveway for a day or two

Dad and, they aren't wearing really wasn't that cold later in the day, amazingly enough.

Daddy showing Benjamin the snow. You can see Benjamin leaning way back. :-)

Another shot of all the snow

Sunshine on bright white snow, plus light sensitive eyes equals...squinting. And I had just gotten out of the shower so no makeup or hair fixed, etc. It's the au naturale look!
Emily & Benjamin playing in her room...our little prince and princess

Taken a month or so ago...just a random shot of Benjamin really working really hard to use his fork. Unfortunately he hasn't progressed much. He still uses his hands for most of what he eats.