Monday, June 30, 2008

A Month in the Life of...

...Little ones! Time flies (and mommy is tired and very busy). Ha!

Well, let's see what's happened since my last post...
First, I started and finished teaching a six week long counseling class for my former full time employer. It was nice to get back into a professional setting, even if it was for just four hours one night a week. I enjoyed it. I will teach the same class to a group starting in mid-August so again I'll have the opportunity to actually dress up in something other than shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes!
Emily is still a three year old!! Some days are a challenge but I dare say she is now 100% potty trained, day and night (we NEVER thought the day would come). She seems to be outgrowing clothes and shoes at a faster rate than before. Sometimes I look at her and she looks like such a big girl to me. She continues to exercise her incredible imagination, makes up stories and make believe play all the time. Preschool is out for the summer and we are trying to keep busy. We try to go to story time at the library each week, in the month of July the library will have a craft time one day a week we'll be attending and the first week of June she did bible school at our church. I think she will be excited to have school start again in August.
Now for our little guy. He is now 9 months old and boy, is he on the move now! He is crawling all over the place (although at this point it more resembles an army type of belly crawl than a hands and knees crawl), loves scooting around in his walker (it's amazing at how well he maneuvers around corners, finding us in rooms, etc), and consequently is getting into everything! We really have to keep an eye on him. He is exploring everything and is starting to mimic his sister (God help us!). If she yells through the house for me, he will also join in. He still does not have any teeth but I'm not worried. They'll be here eventually.
Not to forget Daddy, he is doing well, too. Staying busy at work although we are looking forward to him having a few weeks off next month. Father's Day was a nice day, too (sorry, I didn't take one photo). My dad and his wife also joined us for a four day visit which was really nice.
Here are a few photos taken recently. Happy 4th!
When the boy is tired, he falls asleep anywhere!
Mommy is not looking so good here, but I had to post it because Benjamin is wearing his "Babe Magnet" t-shirt. He certainly is a babe magnet. However, most of the "babes" are 65 years old or older!!
Riding a horsey. Moments later, the horse bucked him off. Ouch! :-(
My two little firecrackers...
My biggest firecracker!!